LESCO Bill Calculator

Calculating electricity bill before it comes can be handy to prepare for the upcoming bill payment. If you have idea of estimate consumed units, you can generate estimate cost of electricity bill here. The LESCO Bill Calculator below is easy to use where you just need to enter your units and see the estimate cost of electricity right away.

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Looking for lesco bill estimator? This is your best destination. Here you can find lesco latest unite rates in 2022. This calculator is based on consumed units, enter your unites – see your estimated bill amount with all common taxes included.

This lesco bill calculation script is very fast, you can see the bill per unit right after a single input. This way, you can also learn about lesco bill rate per unit and the lesco bill for 300 units, or 400 units or whatever number of units. Please be advised that this is just estimated lesco bill, the original bill amount may vary.

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LESCO Bill Tariff:

Here is the LESCO electricity bill tariff for residential connections:

Sr # Units Price per Unit
1. Up to 50 Units 3.95
2. 1 - 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 - 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 - 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 - 700 19.55
6. Above 700 Units 22.65

If you have any question about lesco bill unit rates, please contact us.