LESCO Complaint Management

Dear customers, please pay attention

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has always prioritized the interests of its more than 45 lakh customers and proved itself to be a customer-friendly company by resolving all their electricity-related complaints in a timely manner.

Due to increase in electricity demand and overloading of transformers in summer, there is also an increase in power outage complaints for which LESCO compliant staff is on duty round the clock.

In view of the convenience of the customers and prompt redressal of their complaints, LESCO management has repeatedly published the helpline 111-000-118, Chief Executive Central Complaint and Monitoring Cell numbers 042-99205461-62 in electronic and print media.

Customers can send their complaints via SMS to 8118 or also register on our mobile app Roshan Pakistan.

Customers of LESCO whose complaints are not being processed despite being registered may contact the following administrative officers of LESCO for immediate redressal of their complaints, however they are requested to mention their sub-division and complaint at the time of contact. Be sure to mention the registration number so that orders can be issued for immediate redressal of registered complaints

Administration Mobile # Administration Mobile #
Chief Executive Officer 0320-0520001 Superintending Engineer (Third Circle) 0320-0521300
General Manager Operations 0320-0520044 Superintending Engineer (4th Circle) 0320-0521400
Chief Engineer Operations 0320-0520041 Superintending Engineer (Fifth Circle) 0320-0521500
Additional Director Public Relations 0320-0520212 Superintending Engineer (Sixth Circle) 0320-0521600
Superintending Engineer (First Circle) 0320-0521100 Superintending Engineer (Seventh Circle) 0320-0521700
Superintending Engineer (Second Circle) 0320-0521200 Superintending Engineer (Nankana Circle) 0320-0521800

Users must register their complaints with the following information and get the complaint number:

  • Consumer Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Reference Number
  • Type of Complaint


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